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Western Union VS CC Payment

Why some stores accept credit card, Paypal payments, while 
others don’t
Credit Card Payements
the stores who have less business starts accepting all
means of payments like pay pal & credit card to gain
buyers trust, also shows attractive gifts and low prices. In
my experience I have seen 100’s of buyers crying for not
getting their paid order even after paying thru credit card
on sites. These buyers don’t know the reality that when a
buyer pays thru credit card, the payment gateway credits
the amount to seller only after 45 days, so those store who
really have good financial hold were able to ship orders
soon just on seeing buyer had paid and they are ready to
wait for 45 days to get the actual payment. while other
sellers waits for 45 days to get credit card amount then to
ship order but by that time buyer would have already done
charge back for not getting any shipment update. Its the
western union payment buyers who actually helps sellers
by paying in cash and allows to ship orders on time, and
they give gifts with orders for helping them to run their
business smooth. One more thing is setting up a credit
card payment gateway is not a low cost thing, not all sellers
can afford, and its a big loss when gateway gets shutdown
on getting frequent charge backs from buyers who just
using credit card payment way to keep their side safe and
can do charge back if find a small quality issue or if order
reaches on 7th day and not 5th day as seller told. so for
silly reasons sellers will suffer.
Very Few People knows that credit card gateway is not available for Replica sellers and very few provide the Payment service but they charge very high transaction fees from us and that too we  get payment after 45 days.
We cant open papal id and accept Paypal payments because of Paypal rules
So we don’t want to loose our money or buyer
So many Sellers only accept Western union only.
So happy shopping !!!

2 thoughts on “Western Union VS CC Payment

  1. Buyers have no protection when they pay via Western Union. I would NEVER agree to this form of payment under any circumstances. This is a sure sign of a scam.

    1. Hi Sammy,
      just because a seller accepts Western Union, you cant declare it as a SCAM.
      I agree there are few sellers who scam buyers, but that does not mean all are scam. my buyers happily pays me thru western union and am sending their orders.

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